Factory wholesale Cystoscope - Transforaminal Endoscopic – Titmed

Number Description
A01132 Φ6.3x181mm Endoscope (made in Germany)
A01141 Φ5.9x181mm Endoscope (made in Germany)
A01151 Φ5.3x181mm Endoscope (made in Germany)
A01161 Φ3.6x110mm Endoscope (made in Germany)
A01171 Φ6.9x181mm Endoscope (made in Germany)
A01181 Φ6.6x181mm Endoscope (made in Germany)
Number Description
A0113 Φ6.3x181mm x 30°Endoscope
A01163 Φ5x160mm x 0°Endoscope
Number Description
A5001 Dilator 7pcs. 7 levels of dilation.
Number Description
A500211 Dilator Φ6x200mm
A500212 Dilator Φ5x210mm
A500213 Dilator Φ4x220mm
Number Description
A500221 Guide bar Φ5.1x230mm
A500222 Guide bar Φ4x230mm
A500223 Guide bar Φ2.5x230mm
Guide bar work with the dilator above
Number Description
A50023 Dilator Φ3x190mm
A50024 Dilator Φ6.4x210mm
Number Description
A50027 Dilator Φ6.3xΦ3.1x210mm
A50028 Dilator Φ3x230mm
Number Description
A50146 Cannula Φ7.5 x 150mm x 0°
A50147 Cannula Φ7.5 x 155mm x 30°
A50148 Cannula Φ7.5 x 160mm x 45°
A50149 Cannula Φ7.5 x 165mm x 70°
A501410 Cannula Φ7.5 x 170mm x 120°
A501413 Cannula Φ7.5 x 180mm x 70°
A50013 Cannula Φ8.5 x 155mm
Number Description
A50012 Cannula Φ7.6 x 155mm°
Number Description
A5004 Trephine Φ3x240mm for endoscopic
A50041 Trephine Φ3x356mm for endoscopic
A50051 Trephine Φ5.1x240mm
A50061 Trephine Φ6.3x240mm
A5007 Trephine Φ7.5x190mm
Number Description
A50701 Trephine Φ4x200mm
A50702 Trephine Φ5x200mm
A50703 Trephine Φ6.5x200mm
A50704 Trephine Φ7.5x200mm
A50709 Trephine Φ3x330mm for endoscopic
Number Description
A5070 Handle
Number Description
A50711 Trephine Φ7.5x200mm
A50712 Trephine Φ6.5x200mm
A50713 Trephine Φ5x200mm
A50714 Trephine Φ6.3x220mm
Number Description
A50691 Safe bone drill Φ4x200mm
A50692 Safe bone drill Φ6x200mm
A50693 Safe bone drill Φ7x200mm
A50694 Safe bone drill Φ8x200mm
A50695 Safe bone drill Φ9x200mm
Number Description
A5069 Handle
Number Description Image
A50664 Locating needle
A50665 Probe
A50666 Locating drill

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